You found us, welcome Mama

You found us, welcome Mama

Who is My Baby Brain


My Baby Brain’s new Mother & Baby group is up & running!

A warm thank you to the Ladies at AKASHA BARN in welcoming little ol me into such a heavenly wellness retreat, it is a dream venue for the mothers and babies adding extra zen to the whole experience, & love to dear Zoe at front desk who eased my fears & recommends fabulous music to play to the mummies. 
So for those that might be coming across this for the first time, My Baby Brain has developed the BOND mama baby classes…
Whilst working with adults and children as a Clinical Psychotherapist I created  mybabybrain to support parents emotionally through the transition to parenthood. The baby group is just one way of doing this,   supporting you from 6 weeks post birth in a weekly group of just 8 mama’s. The Baby Group is challenging to describe as it’s  home grown, hand made & not really like anything else, my ambition; to offer the benefits of therapy without the taboo while making it enjoyable for mummy & Baby?! Turned out it wasn’t as easy as I thought and I kid you not in saying I travelled to Seattle in search of answers and inspiration. And it really does rain a lot there but they did have a whole foods. 



A snap shot

The class incorporates exploration for mummy & baby via movement, music & mindfulness. There is an enjoyable focus on the present moment with breathing exercises to help bring a sense of calmness and awareness with baby. Essential oils made by Kate at the super stylish Pressed Geranium promote relaxation  and add to the experience. If you want to learn more about  how we blended the oils click on the image at the end.

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The entire class is created with a few key essentials in mind, raising oxytocin – the happy hormone, bringing awareness to the here and now to reduce anxiety and encourage awareness of babies needs a mind-minded approach, this means thinking what your baby is thinking, all this combined aids in developing babies emotional intelligence (EI)




What are the benefits

Why is Emotional intelligence useful?  It enhances relationships, empathy, social skills, confidence and success through life! You can see why it goes a long way. Those first three years of life impact EI for adult hood, scary stuff when you think of it like that, but the simple requirements needed from you to enhance your babies EI is achievable with the right support and elimination of unhelpful behaviours.


Back to the classes…
How often do you hear…”it’s over before you know it, it went so fast, i’d do anything to get them back, enjoy it while you can…. and on and on…..

In between classes if I notice anything in particular coming up for anyone, we may have some private one to one dialogue via email or phone, or maybe a mum will drop me an email with some reflections or niggles.
Each 60 minute class invites you into a home away from home; to  stretch, relax, listen to your self and your baby in a sensory lit room, with  hot water bottles on colder days, and a little group sharing.

I don’t want you to experience that loss of life, instead when you hear something similar, you’ll respond with “I was there for all of it, and I didn’t miss a thing.



Live well
Jeri x

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