The Bump

Parenting Classes

Preparing for Babies arrival can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.

At Therapy Project we aim to enhance your pregnancy and prepare you emotionally for babies arrival.

Various workshops are available to help prepare Mum, Dad and Baby including:

      • Nutrition and wellbeing during pregnancy
      • Communicating with Bump
      • What to expect once your baby is home
      • What kind of parent can you be?
      • What type of baby do you have?
      • How to read babies six emotional states
      • Skin on skin, sleeping, crying and living with baby
      • Bonding and exploring attachment parenting
      • How adults impact babies development and behaviour
      • How to stimulate the happy hormones
      • Managing your relationship and new roles

And plenty more! please get in touch to learn about up coming dates of our next weekend workshops, or if you would like a private consultation.