Starting from the womb babies sense and react to their surroundings; at birth, with only 25% of the brain developed they are reliant on external experiences to shape the rest of their growth. The parenting you provide in the first 1000 days of life influences each critical stage of development. Using neuroscience, mindfulness, and psychology we support you to make informed parenting choices, so you can give your baby the best start and a positive future.

The Bump

Antenatal classes and workshops; discover the latest research into how a Baby’s brain is shaped by nourishing experiences and what to expect in the first 1000 days


The Bond

Weekly mother and baby groups. Through Breath work, movement, touch, and play, stimulate hormones that boost a Love for each other to raise happy emotionally balanced children.


The Balance

Couples therapy. Short or long term couples sessions. Take the time to learn about each other’s fears, values and expectations. Once baby arrives  69% of couples experience a decline in relationship happiness. Learn how to avoid this, based on the Dr John Gottman principles of marriage.


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