Welcome to Therapy Project

My name is Jerilee and I am the founder of Therapy Project. I am a fully accredited Clinical Psychotherapist specialising in child attachment, Wife to a very patient Husband, Mummy to a little girl and a very loving Shih Tzu.

MyBB is a space for new mums to feel supported and nurtured face to face, online, through baby groups, & workshops. We use fact from leading scientific research to understand and embrace the relationship between you and your baby.

As a psychotherapist I have vast experience working with both adults and young children, but I am particularly drawn to the mother infant dyad and the emotional dance that occurs between the two. We now know that we impact our babies from as early as in the womb, by the age of 3 via experiences and other external influences we lay the foundations for life.

I want to create a way of life that deconstructs the sciences, simplifies them, takes away the anxiety and replaces it with enjoyment.The more we learn about anything in life the more affection we have for its delicacies and uniqueness. When we apply ourselves to parenting in this way we have an ability to appreciate each facet moment to moment, drinking in experiences with a gratitude for all its wonder. To embark on the journey of parenting is tough but equally rewarding if you get it right. I hope to join you on this Journey,and while it takes time to land as a parent I aim to help you land safely.

For bookings or enquiries, feel free to reach me at: or on 07572947953.